33 Brams Hill Drive Mahwah NJ 07430 – Truly Incomparable!

Brian Morgenweck November 16, 2015

Any visitor to 33 Brams Hill Drive becomes very aware that this home is simply incomparable. The balance of yin and yang (male and female) energies is perfect. It achieves that illusive, happy marriage of magnificence, vastness and inviting warmth which are, all too often, unlikely and very hard-to-match partners in such an architectural endeavor.

33 Brams Hill Drive Mahwah NJ 07430

Touring this home takes quite a while as you’ll find yourself wanting to stop and marvel at every aspect (and you’ll always find different tid-bits of detail that will wow you in future visits)… and the stories abound of the intensive thought, care and design involved in its creation. From the ten years design and construction time (the plumbing and electrical contractors each spent two years at the property, with each of their highly efficient “control rooms” being masterpieces unto themselves!) to the town’s inspectors stopping by every so often, outside of their municipal responsibilities, just to visit! They would pop by at different stages, sometimes with construction or engineering “brothers-in-arms”, just to show off their one-of-a-kind find and marvel at the meticulous detail and stellar high standard of construction.  For example: The intricate steel railing work throughout the home was fabricated by the owners’ steel company and each and every ballast (hundreds of them!) painstakingly and lovingly hand-painted by an accomplished family member.

33 Brams Hill Drive is a castle-like fortress without equal, built entirely of structural steel, double-reinforced concrete and granite. The only wood in the home is the flooring in the expansive studio over the five-car garage and the lower-level game room and 12-stool barroom.  Entertainment-wise, one could easily cater and serve three very large parties in separate areas of this home, all with their own vibe from formal to casual… and that’s just the inside! The grounds surrounding the chateau are astounding in their own rite.

The many balconies surrounding the home inspire awe and immediately bring your mind to all of the memories you’d enjoy creating for many years to come. Every bedroom is its own suite or wing and the views of the surrounding grounds and mountains are simply spectacular from every angle. Many hand-painted larger “canvases” as well as smaller details seamlessly bring the outside surroundings right inside the house.

From a security standpoint, 33 Brams Hill Drive is the only gated estate in all of Mahwah’s luxurious Rio Vista. It sits prominently upon 2 acres and the architecture, design and construction are truly unequaled in any estate I’ve seen, anywhere.

33 Brams Hill Drive is, without doubt, a swan song for anyone involved from concept to completion. This lovingly designed 3-year-old, modern-day castle is being offered at just **CALL FOR UPDATED PRICING INFO

If you’re looking for a home that is truly incomparable, let’s schedule your private tour. As I’d mentioned, leave a few-hour window to take in as much as possible. It’s quite a pleasurable experience!

I’m Brian Morgenweck, broker/owner of Power Realty Group (201) 489-3020 for 33 Brams Hill Drive Mahwah NJ…

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