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Important Questions To Ask A REALTOR ® Before Listing Your Home

There are many questions to ask a REALTOR ® before listing your home or condo for sale.

Anyone who’s familiar with my blogs or has watched any of my videos has certainly heard me preach the following: As a Important Questions to Ask A REALTOR ®Seller, you should do your homework BEFORE hiring an agent or broker to list (and market!) what is most likely your largest asset. I can’t emphasize this point enough… It’s just that important. What are some important questions to ask a REALTOR ®? You can find many of them explained in detail in my posts & videos, but here are a few:

  • What’s the average market time for a home like mine in this area?
  • What is your educated opinion of where to price my home?
  • How will interest rates effect my ability to sell and the likely pool of buyers for my home?
  • You could ask about your market’s liquidity & absorption rate, if you fancy numbers crunching, as I do.
  • Ask about their marketing plans. Do they fully understand online real estate marketing? (That’s not a silly question)
  • What are they going to do to get your home SOLD?
  • Will they give you an easy “out” if you’re not satisfied? (See my 100% Seller Satisfaction Guarantee)

There are many things to be taken into consideration before signing a listing agreement. Make sure and explain your situation and your real estate goals to a prospective listing agent and be sure they actually LISTEN and UNDERSTAND what’s most important to you, the client. After all, you’re the person(s) hiring them. It should send up a red flag if they use their one-mouth more than their two-ears right from the outset of the conversation.

An agent or broker cannot advise you effectively unless and until they understand your goals. But hey, you may be able to save a good deal of time just by asking them a simple question, right up-front.

In my opinion, one of the most important questions to ask a REALTOR ® before listing your home for sale is…

“Do you really believe that NOW is a great time to buy a home?”

Sounds like an odd question to ask a listing agent, right? Well, in the current real estate market, there’s a bit of fear and confusion surrounding buyers and their decision (or non-decision) to buy a home (somewhat due to world events & their requisite perceived effects). Buyers need the facts and they need to be reassured they’re making a wise decision about buying your home. It’s very important to hire an agent who understands that NOW is probably the best time in the history of real estate to buy a home.

Not only must a listing agent understand the reasons for this, but they have to be able to explain them simply and BELIEVE it, themselves. If they don’t believe it and aren’t excited about it, how on earth can they educate a potential buyer that purchasing your home today is one of the best decisions they can make?! (The same concept applies for the ways in which they market your home and expose it to other agents and the rest of the market, as well.) How can an agent transfer that conviction if they themselves are not convinced?

Find a listing agent who believes that TODAY is the best time for someone to buy your home!

I’m Brian Morgenweck, Broker/Owner of Power Realty Group. Contact me for more important questions to ask a REALTOR ®.

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