Start With My Why

I’m not a status quo kinda’ guy. I don’t follow along and I don’t remember ever just wanting to “fit in”.

It annoys me when I hear someone say, “That’s just the way it is” or “What can you do?”. I always thought you should believe your own eyes and ears and when you think something’s broken or could work better, you try and fix it or improve it. To me, that’s just basic stuff.

Do work that matters to you and push yourself to either find a way to achieve a better outcome… or make a way. Everything’s impossible until somebody does it, right? Work hard and care about what you do. Do something you can’t not do and help people get where they need to be. This all applies to life and a lot of vocations. I chose real estate.

I’m a REALTOR and the Broker and Owner of Power Realty Group in Bergen County, New Jersey. I help people achieve and exceed their real estate goals. When they get there, I get there. Am I the only one who can do what I do and how I do it? Probably not. Am I one of few who does? Check out my reviews, do a little homework to see for yourself and you decide.

I’m committed to helping wherever I can. When your transaction closes, I’ll make a healthy donation to the charity of your choosing.

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I know my why and that’s what makes it all work for me.

I’m in a pretty unique position. My clients aren’t just #’s and dollar signs on spreadsheets to me. I get to meet and get to know the folks I work with, the people whose lives my efforts directly effect in a lot of ways. It’s human-based. My time, energy and focus is on helping other people and that helps me.

Karmic Capitalism is doing well by first doing good. Doing exceptional work for someone else breeds recognition…from them… and from yourself. Each small part of the process matters, but not nearly as much as why I’m driven to do them all well.

I don’t just want the people I work with to leave in a much better position than when we met. I make sure of that. I have to. They have to win for me to win with them. It’s not all altruism. It’s a circle. My business thrives and I thrive only when that happens.

Maybe that’s why I chose a profession that only pays for positive results.

That’s why I do what I do and how I do it.

That’s my WHY.

What’s yours?

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