Holiday Photos And Video Help Sell Your Home

Brian Morgenweck November 19, 2014

Holiday photos & video help sell your home.

It should be no secret that we're a very "visual" society. We get & consume information at a split-second pace. Quality visuals help to slow consumers down so they'll take notice of a marketer's message. The REALTOR® or broker you hire to list your home must understand this in order to market your home proficiently & effectively. After all, they are the marketer conveying the message, buyers are the consumers & your home, in all its glory, is the product being marketed. So how does Holiday visual media help sell your home?

Holiday Photos & Video Help Sell Your HomeLet's assume you're starting to think about selling your home. Maybe this spring will be the time to put the house on the market. You'll be done with the Holidays & winter weather & will have had some inside-time to de-clutter & get the house ready to be shown & ultimately, get it sold. While you're doing all the fun (tongue-in-cheek) stuff, don't forget a VERY important aspect of marketing a home effectively: Prospective buyers want to feel at home in your house! While they're touring your home, they want to (& need to) visualize themselves living there & experiencing all the house has to offer. Buyers tour your house. They want to see it as their home.

Read this next sentence a few times, if necessary. With high-quality photos & video, buyers will "tour" your home several times online before they ever step foot inside.

In fact, quality photos & video will help set-the-hook, so to speak, and get your home at the top of buyers' lists. This will  help sell your home, even before they grace your doorway! Speaking of setting a hook, why not use the best "bait" we possibly can? If you're listing in the spring or summer months, take professional photos & video of your 2-story family room with that gorgeous, custom-made 18-foot Christmas tree. Don't overlook that breathtaking stone hearth with the glowing fire & all the Holiday decor. If the exterior reminds you of a Winter Wonderland, include that too! There's a very good chance the things you love about your house that help make it home will get a buyer excited as well.

Buyers will love the 3-tier deck, impeccable landscaping, and outdoor entertaining possibilities they'll enjoy during their June tours... but don't stop there. Help them see themselves experiencing all your home has to offer, year-round! It will certainly provide them a more complete "picture" and help sell your home.

The same concept applies if you're thinking of marketing your home in the winter months. Just flip the scenario & include the outdoor, summertime visuals & watch your home-selling prospects bloom. It will help sell your home.

For questions about marketing your Bergen County home & getting it sold, call me, Brian Morgenweck (201) 489-3020 or email me. I'll help sell your home.

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