Upper Saddle River PBA And Power Realty Group Making A Difference

Brian Morgenweck July 2, 2020

Upper Saddle River PBA and Power Realty Group helped make a difference this week. Upper Saddle River PBAAs you may know, part of our culture at Power Realty Group is giving back to local charities in need. We find one of the best ways to help our donations reach those folks is through PBA Locals. Most people don't realize but the PBA gives to many local charities. It is aptly named the Policeman's Benevolent Association, after all. Some of the beneficiaries of the Upper Saddle River PBA Local 218 include, but are not limited to: Special Olympics, Rare is BeautifulPolice Survivor and Welfare Fund, high school scholarships, toy drives, CUMAC (feeding people and changing lives), all Bergen county hospitals in need of food and supplies and many more. This week, broker Brian Morgenweck of Power Realty Group was honored to present a check for $1,000.00 to help the Upper Saddle River PBA keep doing the wonderful work they do. We believe in supporting those who support others in need and these folks certainly qualify! We hope to become more involved in helping them and other organizations like them keep up their great work. It's a small token of our appreciation and we want these donations to be much larger and more frequent. Socrates said, “Let him that would move the world, first move himself.”  We’ll help you reach your real estate goals while we all help others in need. In doing so, we can move the world.  

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