What’s the One Thing You’d Do If Only…

Brian Morgenweck February 5, 2015

What's the one thing you'd do, if only...? Fill in the blanks: What if I were only _____ or if I finally had _____ I would love to do _____ or be able to give _____ to _____   If giving to or giving back or supporting a worthy cause (or whatever you'd put in those blanks!) is something you'd "love to do someday" or you dream about "being able to do" at "some point" in the future... You know, if everything lines up that you haven't lined up yet and will probably never get around to lining up... Start with it. Make your one thing an integral part of what you do right from the start or at least, from right now, on. Think of ways to shine a light on your one thing, for you and for anyone who may be looking. It'll help you focus more in order to give more or be more. Then watch how, over time, what you give... and what you get as a direct result of giving, both increase exponentially. Here's a pearl: What you "get" in return won't merely be in terms of a financial increase in value, but a huge increase in your human "capital", your value as a human being and how much you appreciate your own life...and what you do...and how you do it...because of WHY you're doing it. My one thing is supporting Wounded Warrior Project. But, I stacked that on top of my why so that it assures me that I can't possibly lose. Watch this short video and you'll understand!  

I've done the "if only I had" and the "someday I'd really like to". We all have. For me, those days are over. I've fused together the two things that are most important to me and I'm doing it now. (Hey, I'm a Gemini. I'm allowed to have two "one thing"s!) It's a very cool scenario, in fact. Everyone involved benefits from my resolve.

My seller clients get the best results. I can support Wounded Warrior Project in a much bigger way, so our best will benefit...and along the way, I benefit from reaching both of those goals that mean so much to me.

Help me to serve those who serve others. If I can help you, here I am. If you like what I'm doing, by all means, please share.

Remember: Don't wait and don't ask someone if there's some way you can help them --- just help them. You'll win.

Thank you.


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  1. Love it bro…Keep it coming!!

    What if I were only here to serve…
    or if I finally had stop chasing the unimportant…
    I would love to do more with my family and give back to those in real need…
    or be able to give more time to those that really deserve it…
    to travel the Earth and have experiences with my wife and kids.

    1. Thanks, Sandy! Get moving on all of those things. We’re not getting any younger, my good man! For me, I’d like there to be some evidence that I was here and left a few footprints in the right places.